Monday, January 3, 2011

Thanks to those who joined me on on the two-way street

In her New Year post Cheryl Palmer of Heritage Happens recognised those people who had posted comments on her blog during 2010. Cheryl awarded a prize to the person who was her top/most prolific commenter for 2010.

As I believe that "Blogging is a two-way street" I would like to recognise my commenters. Alas, I do not have a prize to hand out but I would still like to thank those people who have taken the time to post comments on my blog. Apologies in advance if I miss someone.

I am thrilled that 5 out of 6 of my top commenters are from Australia.

My top commenter Shelley lamented in her recent 2011 genealogy goals post "My current level of giving back is minimal. I have tried in the past to participate in indexing projects but have had great difficulty getting pages back within the allotted time. I find getting out of the house difficult while I have little children which rules out more possibilities. I would like to find some way of making a contribution. Text corrections on Trove are looking like a possibility, but I will remain open to other ways of making a contribution.". Don't be so hard on yourself - you have made a fantastic contribution to my blog.

Carole Riley  in a recent comment on this blog said of commenting on blogs "I agree, it's always a bit of a thrill when someone leaves a comment, but it is all too easy to just consume and move one. I too will make a commitment to comment more often."

Thank you Carole and Shelley - you are  stars at commenting and sharing.

Feedback is a vital part of the communication process - I sincerely thank all in the following list who have made the effort to post a comment on my blog.
Geniaus' Blog Commenters for 2010 with Number of Posts:

Shelley - 18
Carole Riley - 16
Judy Webster - 13
Amy Coffin - 6
Sandra - 6
Aillin   - 5 
DianaR - 4
Elizabeth O'Neal - 4
Kylie Willison- 4
2bald - 3
Chris Paton  - 2 
Geneabloggers - 2
J.M. - 2
Rosemary - 3
Steven Lewis -2
Thomas MacEntee - 2
Tonia - 2
YP Local History -2
Brian Anderson
Dr Bill Smith 
Granny Pam 
Heather Rojo
Hurstville City Library, Museum & Gallery
Louise St Denis
Morgan Williams
Randy Seaver
reh ncw
Scottish Genealogist
Tamura Jones
Tina Lyons


my Heritage Happens said...

Oh how fun! Good for you for doing this! I wasn't originally going to give out a prize, but then I thought it would be nice. I am guilty of not leaving as many comments as I should and am trying to get better. ;-) Happy New Year to you and thank you for the mention!

Amy Coffin, MLIS said...

Woo hoo! 4th place! It's easy to comment on your blog because I enjoy it. :)

Judy Webster said...

No.3 - gosh, I didn't realise that I talked so much! (grin) I have been 'off the air' for several weeks but Google Alerts brought this to my attention. I look forward to reading your posts during 2011.

GeniAus said...

Amy, not only are you No 4 on my list - You are No 1 from across the seas.


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