Saturday, January 8, 2011

Australia Day at Twigs of Yore

Shelley, over at the Twigs of Yore blog has issued an Australia Day challenge/invitation to Australian Bloggers.

She is asking that, on our national day, Australian genealogy bloggers write a post in answer to a task she has outlined. I am sure that Shelley would like to see contributions from expats and others who have Australian ancestors.

Here is Shelley's task:
Find the earliest piece of documentation you have about an ancestor in Australia. If you don't have an Australian ancestor, then choose the earliest piece of documentation you have for a relative in Australia.
On Wednesday 26 January 2011 post your answers to these questions:
  1. What is the document? 
  2. Do you remember the research process that lead you to it? How and where did you find it?
  3. Tell us the story(ies) of the document. You may like to consider the nature of the document, the people mentioned, the place and the time. Be as long or short, broad or narrow in your story telling as you like! 
Shelley has made this response to a comment I made on her blog:

"Geniaus has made the brilliant suggestion that we should collate the posts somewhere.

If you join in, please email me (see the About Me page for my email address) with the URL and one short paragraph describing your post. I'll put together a post that collates and links to all the offerings."

So come on, genealogists, rise to the occasion and celebrate Australia Day in a unique way.

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