Friday, April 3, 2015

GAGs - GeniAus' Gems - 3 April 2015

As I was preoccupied at Congress this week and was just dipping into my RSS feeds at irregular intervals I probably missed many excellent posts. I am still going to share a selection of those that I  read and saved in Evernote.

There was a lot of geneablogging happening from Canberra during Congress. If you read the posts I have linked from here you will get an idea of why I and around 30 other geneabloggers were engaged. Some bloggers were so busy that they didn't even manage to post, personally I have several drafts screaming for attention.

1. Both sides of Kerryn's tree share a surname. How about yours?

2. Lenore still has her 6th Grade Social Studies book

3. Shelley shares some DNA news for Australians and offers some advice too.

4. I wasn't allowed to have a bicycle but now, thanks to Jo, I know something about Malvern Stars.

5. I didn't manage a tour of the War Memorial while at Congress but Di did.

6. Our WW1 servicemen came from many lands including Lithuania.

7.  Fran alerts Gplussers to a useful tech tool. Must try it out.

8. Yay. Alona has created and shared a Geneameme. Do take part.


Alona Tester said...

Thankyou for including my geneameme in your GAGs list Jill ;-)

Unknown said...

Thanks for including my War a Memorial post, it was lovely to meet you and all the others bloggers last week

Kerryn Taylor said...

Thanks for including my post in your list Jill. I look forward to reading the others and participating in Alona's lovely geneameme.


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