Monday, April 13, 2015

520 Updates

On New Year's Eve I talked about the Genealogy Do-over and my reasons for not taking part. I said " So for my do-over I am going to keep puddling along reviewing work from years ago, revisiting and scanning some of the records I have stored away in folders (Mr Geniaus found some gems today that I had completely forgotten about), recording what I see with a pair of more experienced eyes and revising what I have already recorded".

I have been slowly revisiting the oldest records in my Family Historian database as it is easy to sort by "Last updated" and I have been working through those, I have looked at all that have not changed since my import from The Master Genealogist! I have fixed typos, added some sources and moved sources from the "Notes" field into the "Sources" field. 

Today, when I uploaded a new gedcom to my GeniAus website, I calculated that since my last update at the end of January I had made changes to 520 records. Considering that I have had an overseas trip in the interim and have attended two major Conferences I'm rather pleased with my progress.

Concurrently I have been pulling old vital records out of my folders, examining them for further clues, scanning them and getting ready to store the hard copies in archival quality folders and sheets. I have ordered a few missing vital records for direct lines ($$$=ouch).

There is still a long way to go but I am happy with my decision to Revisit, Review and Revise.


Shelley Crawford said...

Good work!
I'm with you on reviewing and revising. There's lot to be gained from looking at your work with fresh/more experienced eyes without necessarily needing to start again.

Unknown said...

Spot on Jill. I'm doing a similar thing & it's been very interesting! Am also doing a stocktake on primary Australian documents that I need to acquire. Ouch indeed!

Judy Lofthouse said...

In writing the blogs for A to Z challenge for April I've had to do a "do over" as I check all the info I've got on the families I'm blogging about. This was also a good way to tidy things up.

Cassmob (Pauleen) said...

Going well Jill. I'm impressed by 520 amended records. I think my three Rs are relegated to the second half the year.


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