Friday, April 17, 2015

GAGs - GeniAus' Gems - 17 April 2015

Warning: Control +Z is a keystroke combination I use regularly to undo something I didn't mean to do. This morning as I was catching up on reading my blog posts in Inoreader I made the discovery that when Control +Z won't recover what was deleted in my Inoreader folders (BTW I still love Inoreader).

There were 47 posts in my Genealogy - ANZ folder when I accidentally pressed "Mark as read". So 47 of the posts I was considering for this week's collation are gone, I may have picked some of them up via posts on Google+ but i will have missed some. Nevertheless I still have a good collection to share from my Evernote files.

Everything Read message on Inoreader
1. Thanks to Kirsty for telling us about WDYTYA Live Day 1 in Birmingham. Wish I was there.

2. A death in the family caused Fran to reflect on death certificates.

3. Shauna presents a compelling argument in favour of society seminars.

4. Patsy's "enthusiasm for genealogy research has returned".

5. James highlights a case of inflation in Sydney.

6. "the more you put in, the more you get out" says Janet.

7. Some people "DON’T want to discover their family’s past" writes Andrew.

8. Silent achiever Merron celebrates a blogiversary.

9. Amos ponders Brick Walls

10. Tips from Tessa for managing the April A-Z Challenge

There have been some beautiful responses to Alona Tester's When I was Young Geneameme, I couldn't single out one for this post as they are all Gems. A Google search will find several of them.


Bribie Family History Association said...

Thanks Jill for selecting my post on society seminars this week. There are so many benefits if societies become more engaged with their members and the public who might become members after a seminar.

Tessa Keough said...

Thanks for the mention Jill. There have been some great genealogy and family history posts out there. I would also encourage people to "read outside the box" as over 1800 bloggers of all varieties are posting each day during April. Social media, photography, and history just to name a few examples. Great roundup of posts Jill (even with the 47 read glitch).


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