Monday, April 20, 2015

He will remember them

As a school holiday task one of the grandchildren needed to compile a list of his ancestors who had fought for Australia in the two World Wars. His school is collating a list of servicemen and women from the school's families for an ANZAC Day commemoration.

The Memorial panels at Villers-Bretonneux include John Bertram Chatfield's name
What a good activity this is to make the  ANZAC story relevant to the young men at the school.  Of course, as the family historian, the task of collating the list fell to me. I restricted the list to direct ancestors and uncles as it would have been too much for the little chap to include all the cousins. Today I was pleased to be able to email a spreadsheet to my dear seven year old to take into school on his first day back after holidays. When I told my daughter what I was doing she asked if I could also share it with her family so I thought I'd post it here for all our children and grandchildren to see.

Perhaps you could do a similar activity for or with the youngsters in your family

Name Relationship to S**** Conflict Service Number Service Dates Served Fate
First World War
Fred Ball GGG Uncle WW1 2331 20 Infantry Battalion 22/07/1915 - 29/10/1916 Egypt RTA - Medically unfit
James Ball (1st service) GGGrandfather WW1 4599 RAN 4/02/1915 - 1/4/1916 Penguin, Cerberus, Yarra, Penguin  Invalided
James Ball (2nd service) GGGrandfather WW1 AMF Home Service - Staff Cooks 13/12/1917 -  8/1/1918 Australia Discharged
John James Ball (1st service) GGGGrandfather WW1 5785 26th Battalion 14/6/1916 -  4/1/1918 England RTA - Invalided
John James Ball (2nd service) GGGGrandfather WW1 2443 AMF Home Service - Concentration Camp Guard 31/01/1918 - 13/5/1919 Australia Transferred to AIF
John James Ball (3rd service) GGGGrandfather WW1 85744 AIF Special Service 14/5/1919 - 20/11/1919 England RTA
John Bertram Chatfield Step GGGrandfather WW1 5911 20th Battalion 20/5/1916 - 3/5/1917 France KIA
Frank Duncan GGGrandfather WW1 4767 13th Battalion and 4th Pioneer Battalion 2/11/1915 - 18/9/1919 France RTA
John Herbert Gillespie GGG Uncle WW1 35611 5th F A Brigade 17/02/1917 - 17/3/1919 France RTA - Invalided
William James Gowans GGG Uncle WW1 168 4th Battalion 17/08/1914 - 16/9/1915 Dardanelles (Gallipoli) Egypt RTA - Invalided
William Pusell GGG Uncle WW1 5880 20th Battalion 20/05/1916 - 9/7/1919 France, Belgium RTA
Second World War
John William Chatfield GG Uncle WW2 NX88534
13/2/1942 - 26/11/1945
Allan John Curry GGrandfather WW2 NX103563 2/7 Field Regiment 1/7/1942 - 23/4/1946 Morotai, Borneo, Tarakan
Thomas William Curry GG Uncle WW2 NX103567
HQ Morotai Force
30/6/1942 - 22/3/1946 Morotai
Douglas Alfred Gillespie GG Uncle WW2 S/7282 RAN 16/11/1942 -20/3/1946
John Stewart Gowans GGG Uncle WW2 NX12196
18/4/1940 - 9/11/1944


Sharon said...

That is great Jill. I love my spreadsheets and think that this is another "organisation tool" that I can use to sort my ANZACs.

Thank you.

Cassmob (Pauleen) said...

I'm a fan of spreadsheets too.What a lucky boy he is to have a fa,ily historian for a grandmother! Lots of military service there.


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