Saturday, April 11, 2015

A New Gig for GeniAus

Not long after it was launched in November 2014 I joined The Surname Society, an online organisation, and soon afterwards registered my CurryAus surname study with them.

A few weeks ago I was approached by a Committee Member of the Society asking me if I would write " a regular column in our quarterly newsletter", The Surname Scribbler. Naturally I was thrilled to be asked so replied in the affirmative without hesitation. 

As the deadline for the 3rd issue of the Surname Scribbler approaches I am wondering what I have done. Having perused the first two issues of the newsletter (that's a perk of membership) I realise that I am in exalted company, the articles in the first two issues have been well researched and referenced. I anticipate that my column will be on the lighter side, I'll write about my geneajaunts, the geneaevents I attend, the genimates I meet and perhaps share details of my surname study blunders. 

Thanks to the Surname Society Committee for their invitation, I look forward to having a small role in this 21st Century Society.

You can join me in the Society for just £GBP5 per annum - you don't have to register a surname (but there's lots of help and no pressure if you do) and you will get four issues of The Surname Scribbler each year.

And now to write.....


Tanya Honey said...

I am so tempted to join and register one of my surnames, but know I would not do it justice. Maybe I could join simply for the interesting reading in the journal.

GeniAus said...

I was unsure about registering a surname too Tanya as I don't like doing a half-baked job. Others convinced me to take the plunge.

You needn't do a lot of active research, you can start as a point of reference or holding pen for the name.

You can start in a small geographical area or limit to a particular time period. Once people know that you are following a name you get tipoffs and support.

You don't need to have a website or blog, you can start off with a spreadsheet and a folder on your hard drive.

I was young like you when I started gathering Curry facts. You won't regret getting started now and then when your family is grown you'll have data (that may otherwise disappear) to play with.

Cassmob (Pauleen) said...

Jill I have strongly resisted the urge to take on a Surname Study so I admire your determination! Hope it goes well.

Jennie Fairs said...

Thanks for the thumbs up for the Surname Society, Jill. It's funny how most people take on a surname study to break down a brick wall, but, once they start, they find it's even more addictive than plain old genealogy.

Iain M Cooke said...

It really depends on the Surname as to how much work you need to do. I would not take on my surname Cooke! or my mother's surname Morris but i am really tempted to do Brant and Agar! Whatever you decide to do, good luck with your research!


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