Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Take your Laptop with you.

I note in Pauleen Cass's blog post today that she is bringing her laptop on the Unlock the Past Genealogy Cruise - now she is one smart cookie. The following points indicate why I believe that is so.

Some of these points apply equally to those heading to Rootstech.

Why bring a laptop?

* Firstly you will have plenty of spare hard disk space for backing up all those photos you take during
the conference or cruise.

* It is easier to type up your notes using a laptop keyboard than using a tablet or smartphone. (You should be able to rest your laptop on a table in the Research Help Zone on the ship)

* Some presenters may make copies of their presentations available if you bring along a USB drive. You can then copy and back them up quickly on your laptop.

* You will need to have all your notes and genealogy database available when you ask for help in the Research Help Zone.

* If you want help with your genealogy software (or any software package for that matter) in the Research Help Zone then you will need to have your laptop with you.

* You will want to write lengthy blog posts about the great experiences you are having.

* Most importantly if you intend going to any of the sessions about software it is useful to have the software preloaded on your laptop so you can practise in your spare time when the learning is fresh. If things haven't been clear in a presentation then you can seek clarification in the Research Help Zone.

If you are coming to my Evernote session then sign up and download Evernote onto your laptop. If you are going to Jane Taubman's sessions on the sensational genealogy package Family Historian you could download and install a free 30 day trial of the software before you leave home.

In fact I have done such a good job convincing myself that I might just take two!


Cassmob (Pauleen) said...

Always nice to be thought a smart cookie ;-) I agree with all your points Jill and I've got both programs downloaded on my laptop. I use Evernote but poorly so looking for some guru expertise. Have only just imported some family history info to Family Historian.

Jane Taubman said...

Another Evernote convert here. So I will be interested to see how you use it. I even wrote a plugin for FH to create Evernote to do items.

The other thing not to forget is . . .
The power supply for your laptop and all those other devices we can't live with out.

Strangely enough I have FH installed already.

Jackie van Bergen said...

Thanks, an old dog learned a new trick - I didn't know I could get evernote for my laptop - I thought it was just for iPad / iPhone etc. Just downloaded it onto my laptop.

GeniAus said...

And you can also access via a browser in your desktop, Jackie.

Pauleen this is a beginner's Evernote session. I feel a fraud now I realise that there are a few Evernote power users in the cruise.

Cassmob (Pauleen) said...

Jill, don't feel like a fraud. I use it in the sense I clip things to it but it's just a tangled mess...I'm sure I'll be able to learn heaps and so will others!

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