Thursday, January 23, 2014

Sneak peek

I was privileged this morning to have a play on the new Claim a Convict website.

When Lesley Uebel was ill some generous souls volunteered to take over the Claim a Convict site that Lesley had curated for many years. I was one of the genealogists who was able to make connections with distant cousins via the site, I know that many other genealogists have benefitted over the years from all the work that Lesley put into the project. It is fitting that Lesley's memory will live on in this new site.

The URL for the site that will be launched on Australia Day is .  At the moment the link only shows a countdown to the launch time. The new Claim a Convict team of Michelle Nichols and Jonathan Auld have given the site a new look that is crisp and clean with a few graphics designed by a local Hawkesbury artist.

I have been playing around on the site this morning, it was easy to register as a user (I had dropped off probably because I hadn't notified the site about a change of email address), claim a few convicts and change the password I was issued with to something a bit easier for me to remember. The site is easy to navigate and all of the links I tested worked. Not being able to help myself I did make a couple of suggestions that Jonathan swiftly implemented.

Richard Aspinall - One of the convicts I have claimed on Claim a Convict
I am not going to steal the thunder of those who are working on this project but I urge you to save some time in the near future to visit the site and claim your convicts. Several of my convicts are not yet listed and Jonathan is working on a mechanism for people to contact the site with details of those convicts who are missing from the list.


Crissouli said...

Great to see that Lesley's legacy will survive... sincere thanks to Michelle and Jonathon for continuing to keep this going.

Unknown said...

happy Australia Day

Sharon said...

Unfortunately I do not have a convict to claim but great to know it will continue.


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