Monday, January 27, 2014

Hangout Habit

I've got it bad, the Hangout Habit that us.

I just love logging on to a scheduled Hangout on Air and seeing who will join me to chat about Genealogy topics. It's such a lottery as one doesn't know who will join in until their image pops up on the filmstrip at the bottom of the screen. I am always relieved when the first person joins in prior to starting the recordingas I know I won't have to deliver a monologue.

I seem to be developing a group of Hangout regulars who have joined me on a few occasions and in each session a couple of newbies appear - what a nice mix that is. As we are all learning about the medium the sessions are quite casual and we often digress to learn about and master some part of the Hangout setup.

Tonight was a bit of a challenge when I, as host, dropped out of the Hangout. Thankfully tthe others realised I was missing and carried on valiantly. Although our topic was packing for a geneajaunt we did stray a little and discuss things that were specific to the cruise some of us will soon be taking but amongst the chatter I picked up a few excellent tips for organising myself, preparing for visits and notetaking for all my geneajaunts. There was also some specific advice given for people attending Rootstech.

Thanks to the fabulous group of ladies who hung out with me tonight. You are stars that make the GeniAus Hangouts on Air so bright.

You can view the video from here or on my Youtube Channel.


Anne Stafford said...

Thanks for the hangout last night Jill, I really enjoyed watching and gained some tips for the cruise. Hopefully after the cruise I may be able to get things together to join on air

Maria said...

Great hangout, Jill. Enjoyed being involved and hearing what the other ladies had to say. Really useful.


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