Monday, January 20, 2014

A Glutton for Punishment

When I debark (American term for disembark - sounds like something one does to a noisy dog) from the 4th Unlock the Past Cruise in Sydney next month I am not racing home to be reunited with my family.

Mr GeniAus is going to collect me from the dock and whisk me out to Parramatta for the Chris Paton and Thomas MacEntee Downunder Sydney event

Why am I doing this? It is simply because the program on the cruise is jam packed and I can't get to see all of Chris' and Thomas' presentations while on board. Additionally, as a user of Family Historian software I need to attend any presentation that English expert Jane Taubman is giving while she is in Australia.

I have previously heard Chris and Thomas speak, they are both knowledgeable, entertaining and accomplished speakers. I have spoken privately with Jane in a Google Hangout and  follow her posts in the Family Historian forums, she has an amazing depth of knowledge on Family Historian software.

If you can get to Parramatta on Thursday 13th February why not join me. We do not get many opportunities in Sydney to hear three international speakers like Chris, Thomas and Jane all in one place (and for a modest entry fee).

Details can be found here on the Unlock the Past Website. 

Don't live near Sydney? Thomas and Chris will also be presenting workshops in all capital cities except Darwin. See here for details.

2012 Unlock the Past event at Parramatta


Sharon said...

I'm looking forward to it and jealous of everyone who will be on the cruise :)

Bribie Family History Association said...

Hi Jill you have summed up my own problems. I want to swap over to Family Historian software but I also want to attend Thomas' talks as I haven't heard him before. Now wondering if I should factor in a trip to Brisbane but I only get home from Canberra the day before!

FranE said...

I love it... Having Travel and conference envy here. Glad you can go and share.

Kylie Willison said...

I'm booked in for their Adelaide session and really looking forward to it.

Kim said...

Kristy and I will see you in Parramatta Jill. Looking forward to it. Enjoy the cruise!


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