Monday, January 27, 2014

Ethically challenged?

I have just emailed a copy of the issues we will be discussing in the "Dealing with Ethical Dilemmas in Genealogy" panel on the 4th Unlock the Past Cruise to the panelists for the session.

Joining me as panelists will be three eminent genealogists from Australia and the UK:

Pauleen Cass
Kirsty Gray
Maria Northcote

This session promises to be a cracker as there are some curly questions for the three panelists to ponder. Most genealogists will have been confronted with one or more of the dilemmas to be discussed. 

If you are cruising I suggest that you highlight this session for attendance. I am a fan of panel sessions because they give the audience an opportunity to hear a range of opinions on a subject rather than a one-sided view. I must remember to get the panelists permission to record it.

Panelists in a session on the 3rd UTP Cruise
The issues we will be discussing are so interesting that I will schedule them for discussion in a future GeniAus Hangout on Air.


Celia Lewis said...

Oh I'm so envious, Jill. What a wonderful topic, and a great panel!! You will have a ball (no pun intended) with that group. I can almost hear all the interplay and discussion between you all. Super!
So, g'day to you!

Cassmob (Pauleen) said...

Happy for you to record it Jill.

GeniAus said...

I'm a bit of a ditherer so might need a reminder, Pauleen. At least I have my digital recorder out for packing.


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