Friday, January 17, 2014

Follow Friday - Worldwide Genealogy

I have just found the time to sit and read the first fifteen or so posts on the Worldwide Genealogy Blog and I am gobsmacked. What a diverse and interesting range of people are participating in this amazing activity. 

So what is Worldwide Genealogy? 

To quote its founder, Julie GoucherIt is really quite simple! Each day a blogger from across the genealogy or historical community will post to Worldwide Genealogy. The posts will be about something related to either genealogy, history or local history."

Most of the bloggers including me have committed to a monthly post. So far there are bloggers from Australia, England, Scotland, The United States and Wales. It would be grand to have some other countries represented. Julie still has a couple of spots vacant and would love to hear from you if you are interested.

When the word gets out and others bloggers start reading the posts I am sure there will be a queue of bloggers anxious to join in.

Worldwide Genealogy demonstrates the value of collaborative projects in genealogy.

1 comment:

Frances from A Rebel Hand said...

I agree - it's exciting to see the diversity of people who've signed up for this wonderful new collaborative blog.


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