Friday, June 1, 2012

Love at First Sight

40 years ago today Mr Geniaus and I joined the Parents' Club.

These snippets from my diary tell the story:

May 31, 1972 " Robert is talking to Rupert (the auditor) and Mrs Hitchen at Waverley Council when he gets a 'phone call that I am ready to go to hospital.  They think that Robert is very calm.  He finishes his business and goes to collect Jill.  He is sent home from St. Margarets in the early evening as the staff think that Jill will not give birth till the next morning."

June 1, 1972, 1:50 am "A very jaundiced ****  is born two weeks early at St. Margaret's Private Hospital Darlinghurst. Robert bursts into tears when he sees his beautiful but battered  yellow daughter in her humidicrib."

Love at first sight - My firstborn June 1, 1972
We have been truly blessed to have had four beautiful, healthy children who have grown up to be fine adults with discerning taste. They have chosen superb spouses with whom they have produced our 9 gorgeous grandchildren (so far).

As I go about my chores today I am reflecting on parenthood. We have had a very smooth  journey along the parenthood road. Today, as I think of that journey, I want to tell my four children that I am so proud of all of them and that I love them dearly.

This comment on Facebook from a daughter-in-law on the occasion of her anniversary yesterday demonstrates just how lucky I am:

"9 years of marriage, 3 sons and lots of adventures later... Love you with all my heart *** Ball"


Lizzie said...

And we love you! Looking forward to celebrating 40 years of parenthood with you tomorrow xx

Fi said...

Awww, that's lovely and birthday wishes to xxxx. My first born, xxxx, turns 18 on Sunday and it's making me a bit teary.


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