Thursday, June 21, 2012

I'm dancing!

My waltz around the kitchen this morning is not the result of knocking down some genealogical brick wall but due to a comment on a Google+ post of mine.

This is why I'm dancing
I have blogged ad nauseam about my move to  Family Historian  software to manage my family database and my blog posts have resulted in some comments. This Google+ comment, however, was one that alerted me to something I really need at the moment. John Owen, one of my Aussie G+ genealogy contacts, mentioned that he is a Family Historian user and that the family history society at Wyong to which he belongs has a Family Historian User Group. John also directed me to a video he has produced about some functions in  Family Historian .

The good news is that I only live one hour's drive from Wyong. I have already marked the date of the next meeting in my calendar and look forward to pointing the Bambino in the direction of Wyong. Family Historian has excellent online support through its website, mailing lists and forums however the opportunity to meet face-to-face with fellow users is an unexpected bonus. 

The lesson to be learnt from this is that one needs to use multiple social media platforms to let others know of one's interests. If I had just relied on my blog post I probably would not have heard from John and would not know about the existence of this local user group


Fi said...

Good advice. I have wondered if people get sick of reading the same message on different platforms, but I guess not everyone uses every one.

GeniAus said...

@Fi I try not to overdo it - mostly just announce blog posts on Google+


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