Friday, June 8, 2012

Family Historian Progress

Since installing Family Historian on my netbook I have been hastening slowly. This list documents some of  my progress so far:
  • Imported my gedcom file into the Family Historian - no guidance was needed 
  • Decided to use FH as main genealogy application - a decision not taken lightly. The more I delve the more I like this package
  • Joined FH user group and mailing list - appear to be active with a wealth of assistance
  • Progressively checking entries for my closest relations and adding many missing sources
  • Installed Family Historian software on laptop
  • Installed Dropbox on Netbook
  • Synced database between two devices so I have a working copy on both devices
  • Installed some plugins : Export gedcom to TNG (yet to try this out), Search and replace (an amazing editing utility that enabled me to make corrrections to my data), and Surname Summary Graph (told me that my most common surname was blank)
  • Produced a couple of Individual Summary Reports to see how data was presented - liked what I saw
  • Started Editing Places in Family Historian as data transfer from TMG moved things around
I still find myself referring to the manual provided or the online forums when I need to carry out some new tasks or operations while at other times the way to accomplish a task is quite obvious.

  I must remember exercise patience; I cannot expect to be as competent in Family Historian's use as I am with the package I have been using for the past fifteen years.


Shelley Crawford said...

It's a funny feeling, isn't it? I had my previous software for about 7 years. I've picked up a lot by loitering around the user group and mailing list. If it's any comfort I'm now starting to feel solidly "intermediate" rather than "beginner". I'm excited to have someone I know to compare notes with!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jill, Think I might go back to my Family Historian 4 and update to 5... not at all happy with the new Family Tree Maker 2012... so many problems with syncing, shutting down etc, mmm...need to give it some thought. Cheers,Catherine.

Anonymous said...

Oh... and Shelley. Thanks for your tip. I might start "lurking" :-)


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