Saturday, June 30, 2012

More from Parramatta

Yesterday I posted a couple of photos of Audrey Collins in action at the Parramatta Unlock the Past Roadshow. Around 100 family history enthusiasts came along to hear Audrey, Carole Riley, Carol Baxter and Rosemary Kopittke speak.  Also along to add a bit of colour to the show was Heather Garnsey from SAG, the two Vickis from Findmypast, members of the Gould Genealogy team, Allan Murrin and Heather Clarey from the organising committee for this year's NSW State Genealogy Conference and yours truly providing demonstrations on the Flip-Pal mobile scanner.

As it was in my hometown, Sydney, I saw a few familiar faces from the genealogy scene plus I met up with Wendy who I knew when I lived in the Eastern Suburbs and whom I hadn't seen for around 20 years, Annette who I worked with at Waverley Library too long ago to mention and Pat who I knew from my days working in school libraries. It was pleasing to see members from The Hawkesbury Family History Group and The Ku-ring-gai Historical Society, two genealogy societies of which I am a member, in attendance at the event.

I was pleased to be able to hear two of Audrey's talks at this event. I was most interested in the first talk about records for Irish research in the National Archives in Kew. I now have a lot of leads to follow when next I visit there.

Following are a few more snaps from the event.

Carole Riley demystifies Land Records

Carole dispenses advice

Non-Conformist Religions from Audrey
Time for a chat

Anthea from Gould makes a sale

Carol Baxter explains how to write Interesting Family Histories
Lots of Notetaking

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