Thursday, June 14, 2012


In a comment over on Google+ Jenna Mills mentioned "Plusers" : people who use Google+.

I replied asking if that meant we are "Geneaplusers".

Of the three social networks I use for genealogy Google+ has to be my favourite. I am not limited to 140 characters, the quality of posts is reasonable, it is easy to filter out irrelevant posts, I can avoid spamming others by just posting to selected circles and, to date, those in my circles are not posting pictures of their cats and dogs or cutesy inspirational pictures.

I feel that Twitter is still the best vehicle for live tweeting from events and comments on the run. The content that faces me in my Facebook stream each morning is riddled with tripe yet I still read it to find those gems hidden amongst the tripe. 

Are you a Geneapluser?


Unknown said...

Jill, I'm hoping to be! I'll admit I don't use G+ as much as I could, and maybe should, but am currently engaged in a concentrated effort to use it more, and learn more about it. I would love to hear any tips or tricks you may have learned along the way.
I am a geneapluser! :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jill -- all my Facebook friends are wonderful, but if I think there are too many non-genealogy posts, I click the little arrow to the side of their post and downgrade them to "only important updates". And for friends where I hang on their every word, I upgrade them to "all updates". I think/hope/pray they don't know the difference!

Jenna said...

I agree Jill, I love Google +. I use it only for genealogy. All my crazy ramblings go on Twitter, my vacation photos go on Facebook, that leaves Google + for my more serious side!! :) I sure hope all the genealogy "powerhouses" set up + pages soon!!

Celia Lewis said...

I adore GeneaPlusers - y'all are wonderful: fascinating, entertaining, educational, touching, thoughtful, inspiring, and more! I've divvied the social media into separate groups: G+ is for abut 5 circles of my absolute passions (Genealogy is one of course); Facebook is to keep up with my far away friends and my two girls (42, 44 yrs old), a few cousins; Twitter is for mainly genealogy tweets & catching up on the many who don't seem to be active here on G+. Good question, Jill.


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