Sunday, June 24, 2012

Is the joining of small images into one big image really as good as stated?

In a comment on my  Family History Through the Alphabet – F is for …Greedy  post where I sang the praises of Flip-Pal mobile scanners Sharon  asked "Is the joining of small images into one big image really as good as stated?"

Sharon, I wasn't sure that the stitching would be as good as the people from Flip-Pal stated so had to check it out. The results speak for themselves.

This was my very first stitching effort in which I stitched my early scans 0015 to 0018 together. It was a large photo (too big for an album). I am wondering if the kids will use it in a slideshow at my wake. 

Image 1 Old girl, Poor dolphin

I scanned and stitched this deteriorating old photo as a demo for a lady at The Shoalhaven Family History Fair last weekend. With a bit of tweaking in photo imaging software it should look pretty schmick. The lady bought a Flip-Pal on the spot.

Image 2 - Old photo
 Just in case the stitches previously done were flukes I grabbed the copy of Inside History Magazine that was in my laptop bag and scanned it just now.

Image 3 Inside History Magazine
You will note the raggy edges on Images 1 and 3, these are visible because I haven't cropped the images to get rid of the of the background on which the items were placed for scanning. On my Image 3 the baby's waving hand is out of focus as it is on the magazine cover.

Pretty Impressive!


Fi said...

Yes, yes and yes. I have a flip-pal (no affiliation) and it is truly amazing.

Sharon said...

Thank you Jill. I really appreciate you taking the time to answer my query. I couldn't see the seam at all in any of yours scans (and I was looking closely). I'm sold! I'll go order my flip-pal now!
Thanks again.

Inside History magazine said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Inside History magazine said...

That cover has come up amazingly well! We need to get a flip-pal I think - maybe we can win our Issue 10 flip-pal giveaway ;)


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