Monday, June 14, 2010


Since I first donned ballet slippers at the age of four (photo) I have had an ongoing interest in and love of the ballet.

My mother and aunts took me to see many ballets in Sydney theatres when I was a youngster; sadly I cannot remember details of these outings. I do remember my disappointment at not being able to see Dame margot Fonteyn.

A wonderful resource that records stories of the of Ballet in Australia is the Behind Ballet Blog. I particularly enjoy the Flashback posts which focus on the history and artists of the ballet in Australia. I read these in the hope that they might trigger some childhood memories.

I now enjoy a subscription to The Australian Ballet which Isee with my grandaughter and daughter; they will not forget these trips to The Opera House as I record them with photos and diary entries. It is so important to record these future memories.


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