Monday, June 14, 2010

Keen as mustard

It seems as though the participants in the "Australian & NZ Genealogy Course" from NIGS are as keen as mustard as is our leader Kerry Farmer. Kerry has gone out of her way to negotiate with the people at NIGS in Canada to accommodate the needs of her students.

Lesson 3: Births, Deaths & Marriages teaches about resources for finding these details of these events in Australia. The comprehensive course notes are set out clearly and logically. As it is a long weekend in Australia Kerry organised for our course materials to be available online earlier than the advertised date. Additionally Kerry wanted her students to have time to be able to take advantage of a long weekend special to order transcriptions at a reduced rate.

From Kerry's emails I can deduce that we have people from at least three continents in our study group.
Tonight we have our first online chat where I will meet these folk.Can't wait.

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