Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Pioneer Registers

Among the 30 books I requested from the National Library on my visit last week were a number of Pioneer Registers for areas where my ancestors and their descendants resided. Pioneer Registers  record the names of early settlers in a particular area and are usually published by local family history or genealogy societies. The National library holds a number of Pioneer Registers.

One of the registers I consulted was Bathurst Pioneers published in 2007 to which I had made some contributions. Another was the Hawkesbury Pioneer Registers. The Camden  Register published by the Camden Area Family History Society Inc. also included submissions made by me. From the entries therein I was able to identify more descendants of my convict ancestor, Patrick Curry.

Pioneer Registers are a fantastic resource for family historians but one must use these resources with caution and check sources to ensure that the information published is accurate.  In one publication I consulted a given name was typed as "Casuman" but I knew the gentleman's name was "Casimir".

I commend Pioneer Registers to genealogists but, as with many secondary sources, one must verify the information published in them.

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