Saturday, June 5, 2010

Twigs of Yore

Shelley, from Twigs of Yore, another blogger who was included in the MyHeritage Top 100 list, yesterday weighed into the debate about these awards with her post In defence of my honour!

Pasted below is a copy of my response to Shelley's post:

My Geniaus blog was on the MyHeritage list and was chuffed to find myself there. When I received the initial email from MyHeritage telling me they were going to put my blog on a list and offering me a badge I didn't take much notice of it and ignored the message.

I was surprised when a few days later I found my blog listed in their Top 100. I was pleased, not just for myself, but for genealogy in Australia as there were a number of Australian blogs on the list. With our small population base we have a hard time getting noticed and noted in other 'best' lists that tend to feature North American blogs.

My Google Analytics reports show a spike in site visits around the time the awards were announced. I imagine this was the case for the other Aussie blogs listed. The MyHeritage Award has helped in telling the world that genealogy is thriving downunder.

I won't be removing my badge - I am honoured to have been noticed.

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