Wednesday, June 23, 2010

20th edition Carnival of Irish Heritage & Culture: I Speak From Experience

"To be sure, to be sure" is the dream I have for my Irish research.

Sadly I cannot be sure about much to do with my Irish ancestry that is complicated by many brick walls. I have visited Ireland and trudged through muddy cemeteries in search of ancestors who are resting six feet under but was not able to find a grave for any of the fifteen direct ancestors I have identified.

A number of kindly parish priests let me sit in their parlours for hours to pore over their parish registers. I was able to find some relevant records for the Kealys of Ballyfoyle but was not lucky with my Tierneys, Ryans, Moores,D'Arcys, Currys, Molloys, Connollys and Bowes.

Searching for civil registrations didn't help because I was seeking persons who lived before registration. The recently published 1901 and 1911 censuses of Ireland have helped me identify distant cousins but are not relevant to my ancestors.

From my experience the only advice I can offer is that with time and persistence you may find what you are seeking. Due to work commitments and time constraints my research trip to Ireland was very short. I do believe in "See and ye shall find" so plan to spend a longer period of time when I retire on my next ancestor hunt in Ireland  where "with the luck of the Irish" I may find those elusive ancestors.

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Cassmob (Pauleen) said...

Reinforcing your earlier point Jill, I came to this from the Carnival of Irish etc, which I've only just come across. I do think that Irish research is very much a case of "try, try again". Persistence is your best chance.


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