Monday, June 21, 2010

Reflections from a "spur of the moment student"

Week three of the NIGS Australian and New Zealand Genealogy course has arrived and, because I took a trip to Canberra last week,  I have fallen behind in my studies; a situation I will redress today.

I was  excited about the first online meeting scheduled for our group last week.  I studiously downloaded and tested the required software (so I thought). Around fifteen minutes prior to the meeting I tried to connect to the chat but had no success; I fiddled with all sorts of things on my computer but just could not get through. Both an officer of NIGS and Kerry Farmer, our tutor have sent me directions for connecting.  I have connected to the "trial meeting" this morning so hopefully can join in the live meeting tonight. It is interesting to note that a confusing link on the NIGS Chat sessions page has been changed.

Kerry has been an exemplary tutor connecting with her students through a number of relevant emails that answer questions raised in the first online meeting or pointing out more relevant resources. Her written notes are comprehensive and easy to follow.

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Shelley Crawford said...

I wondered what happened to you last week. I'm glad it wasn't anything more serious! I had some trouble getting set up at first (I blame the instructions on the website), but had it sorted out by the time of the meeting.


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