Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The More the Merrier

When I looked at the number of panelists on some the other Panel Sessions at Rootstech I started to worry. Some had twice as many participants as "The Genealogists Gadget Bag". I wondered if I should invite someone else but really couldn't make a decision. This has bothered me for a few weeks now.

I discussed this issue with Thomas MacEntee, Mr Geniaus and Lisa Alzo last night and they helped me make a decision to invite someone else. Heather Rojo's name was among the potential people that we discussed last night.

Fortuitously I met Heather Rojo and her husband Vincent in the Family History Library this morning and just knew that she would fit right in. Although I knew Heather online I did not realise what a bright and bubbly personality she had. I did not immediately ask Heather to join the panel but skirted around the issue by asking her if she enjoyed talking to people, got nervous speaking to crowds etc before I hit her with the question "Would you join my panel on Thursday at 3:00 pm? " I was delighted when Heather said "Yes".

Heather and Vincent Rojo
Thank you so much, Heather, for taking up this challenge at short notice; I really appreciate your involvement. With your positive attitude, experience in teaching and warm personality you are a super addition to the panel.

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