Sunday, March 24, 2013

A Steinway at Rootstech

Thank goodness that I didn't ignore my alarm yesterday morning.

I dragged myself out of bed, conducted my ablutions, had a quick brekkie with a group of genealogists from rural Alberta, Canada and moseyed through the snow to the entrance of the Salt Palace, site of Rootstech 2013. Arriving early I was able to get an aisle seat with a great view towards the back of the main hall. While I waited for the keynote presentation from David Pogue I fired up my tablet and checked my social media accounts.

Shipley Munson, Director of Marketing for Familysearch, introduced David, the first keynote speaker for the morning.  I was looking forward to hearing David because I have followed his blog and tweets for a couple of years. What I didn't know was that David was a talented, engaging and humorous presenter who has many strings to his bow.

David's talk was amusing, inspiring and instructive; during the course of his presentation complimentary tweets were flying around the twitterverse. As a finale to his presentation David sat at the grand piano and performed a couple of parodies on the Steinway; the audience was agog. It was such a masterful performance that the audience rose to give David a standing ovation.

I was on a high when I returned to the media hub to drop off my gear and prepare for a day of networking and classes. I was discussing my video times with a Rootstech organiser when he said "Jill, you've got 15 minutes with David Pogue".

PANIC STATIONS - I wasn't prepared for an interview, I hadn't done any homework on the subject but I wasn't going to miss out on the opportunity so I introduced myself,  ushered David into the video studio and set sail. Thanks to David for being such a charming and gracious interviewee. You can view the interview below.


Rosemary Morgan said...

Great interview with David Pogue, Jill. Thanks for grabbing this opportunity and sharing it with us on your blog.

Sharn White said...

Thank you for sharing this interview as well as all the wonderful 'news' you have been sending us back down under Jill.


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