Friday, March 8, 2013

A Glorious and Unforgettable Ride

Early last week I put out a question on Twitter "Need help please. What three things make a geneablog great?" and on Google+ "I need your help so that something I am working on is just not my opinion.. What three (or more) features make a geneablog great?"

This post is my thankyou to those generous genies from Australia, Britain, Europe, New Zealand  and the US who took the time to message their thoughts to me.  Thanks to you I have developed a rough rubric to assist me with the task I am completing for Inside History Magazine ('m not saying any more on that for the minute).

The title of this post comes from what I think was the most original response; Caroline Pointer suggested that great geneablogs are  "Ones that take me on a glorious and unforgettable ride. And all the other stuff everyone else suggested."

As I received the suggestions I popped them in a Google Doc. I am pasting those suggestions here so that you can see what others think.

Do you agree? Do you have anything else to add?

Creativity in resources; ability to tell a story, not relate facts; range of topics - Jen Baldwin

Originality, follower engagement, humour, humility - Karen Ball

Content, consistency and originality - Amy Coffin

Content, easy reading style, up to date information - Linda Elliott

1. problem, resolution and method described (preferably in 1 post) Context, historical and social.Engaging writing style. Good build up of story. - Taco Goulooze

One that tells a story, not just a list of dates, places and names. photos, plus other suggestions above :) - Diane Hewson

Societal context of the era, interesting anecdotes about ancestors & images of either - Annette Hughes

Originality, originality and originality -Tamura Jones

Photos, easy to navigate (and search), and writing with an opinion or position - not simply press releases  - Tessa Keough

Truthfulness; photos and/or videos; clean display without a lot of side "junk" - Kenneth R Marks

Tone, writing style, appearance - Jenna Mills

Originality, yes, content yes. Consistency maybe not. - Susi Pentico

Ones that take me on a glorious and unforgettable ride. And all the other stuff everyone else suggested - Caroline Pointer

Accuracy. If you talk about repositories or procedures get your facts straight - Carole Riley

Personal story and context, the "how" of the finding out, range of content - Helen V Smith


Alona Tester said...

Sorry Jill I missed this when you originally asked ... so here's my 5 cents worth:

- a personal writing style (make it sound like you)
- the content of course is important (the range of content depends of the audience you're after)
- the look and bits (by this I mean physically how it looks on screen, as well as having useful bits like blog Archives, Search this Blog, Subscribe and Share buttons)

GeniAus said...


Your third point is so important - when I am evaluating blogs I look for the technical elements that make it easy to find, access and navigate the blog.
A clean, clear interface is enhances the content.

I think for personal blogs the most important thing is PASSION - which I see as a step up from Commitment.

Alona Tester said...

Passion ... absolutely!!

Kylie Willison said...

A great list of things to remember when blogging! Originality appears to be the most common attribute people are looking for.

GeniAus said...

My work has now been published in History Magazine. Read their blog post at


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