Friday, March 22, 2013

Hour by Hour

No time for a great narrative report on today's activity so I'll post a summary of a very exciting day in which I met a bunch of interesting people.

6:00 am  Leap out of bed to bathe and get ready for Rootstech. That white stuff falling out of the sky is snow - how exciting.

7:00 am  After breakfast with blogger Amy Coffin I gathered my gear and headed over to the Exhibition Hall for the Bloggers tour of the booths and facilities.
Bloggers on tour
8:00 am  I was lucky enough to score a middle second row seat in the Hall to see the Opening Keynotes. It was nice to see the official bloggers being recognised in the promo slides.

9:00 am  Dennis Brimhall, Familysearch CEO was sharing the organisation's vision for the future.
Dennis Brimhall
10:00 am  I was being inspired by D. Joshua Taylor's presentation.Still in the Keynote session I realised that I would be late for my first video interview with Alec Tritton and Else Churchill - we got started about 15 minutes late.

Else, Alec and myself
11:00 am Put my head down to go over my presentation for the afternoon.

12:00 pm  The wonderful Mr Geniaus brought me some lunch.

1:00 pm  My fellow panelists appeared during the past hour and we discussed the gadgets we would show in our session. While she was there I grabbed Heather Rojo for a video interview.

2:00 pm  A gentleman from Rootstech cornered me for a video interview.

3:00 pm  5, 4,3,2,1 Our panelists launched into our discussion The Genealogist's Gadget Bag

Jill Ball, Marie Dougan, Heather Rojo, A C Ivory

4:00 pm  A great sense of relief washed over me after our session. I sat in the Media Hub with a cool lemonade and chilled.

5:00 pm It was back to the video studio for more interviews; this time with Australians Alan Philips and Alona Tester from Unlock the Past.

6:00 pm Time to relax on my bed in the hotel and catch up with social media on my Tablet.

7:00 pm  A yummy fresh dinner with Mr Geniaus at the Blue Lemon Restaurant opposite Temple Square.

8:00 pm  A very special experience as Mr Geniaus and I joined a Behind the Scenes tour of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

9:00 pm  We joined other conference attendees for a special mini-concert by the Choir in the Tabernacle.

The Mormon Tabernacle Choir in concert this evening

10:00 pm  Back to the hotel for an adult beverage before bed. We met up with a new and interesting couple from Dallas, Texas.

1:00 am  I am still sitting at the keyboard putting together this blog post


Jana Iverson Last said...


You did a wonderful job with your panel at RootsTech!

I want to let you know that your blog post is listed in today's Fab Finds post at

Have a great weekend!

Maggie said...

Thanks Jill, great blow by blow account of your day! About to go watch your panel presentation now :)

Celia Lewis said...

marvellous, of course, Jill. I'm trying to catch up - power knocked out by car accident a few blocks away, so I missed some of the live presentations! :( But it sounds great so far! Cheers

GeniAus said...

Thanks,It s huge fun here.

Jane N Rollins said...


Thanks for the photos and summary of yesterday's sessions. I was researching at the library all day, so I really appreciate being filled in on what I missed. And your shot of the Mormon Tabernacle is astonishingly beautiful!



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