Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Commonwealth of Nations meet in Salt Lake City

Well,  that could be stretching the truth a bit.

Tonight my small meet the Aussies dinner turned into a meetup for representatives of the British Empire or British Commonwealth as we know the Commonwealth of Nations.

Australians Jenny Joyce, Liz and Peter Pidgeon, Alan Phillips, Helen Smith, Alona Tester, Mr Geniaus and I were joined by New Zealander Roger Moffat and his wife Lisa, Scottish lass Marie Dougan and Audrey Collins who has one foot in the English camp and the other in the Scottish camp.

Thanks especially to those intrepid travellers who only arrived today in Salt Lake City for making the effort to dine with us.

The photos aren't as good as they could be because people kept on talking instead of posing for my pictures.

It was hard to get the group to keep still for a photo

Helen, Peter and Jenny

Marie and Mr Geniaus

Alona and Liz
I enjoyed bringing a group of my genimates together before we join the 6,000 other people who will be at the Conference from Thursday. We now at least all know about ten people among the crowd.


Elizabeth Lapointe said...

Hi, Jill,

Hello from Canada! Can't wait until Live Streaming tomorrow

Good news from RootsTech. I'm a dedicated reader


GeniAus said...


Thanks for saying g'day.We are aving a fab time in Salt Lake City.

I can't wait for tomorrow at 4 when my ordeal will be over. :-))

Cheers, Jill


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