Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Mondays with Myrt.

What a day!

This morning I experienced a Hangout on Air with Pat Richley-Ericson, aka DearMyrtle, did a spot of shopping (Macy's I love you) had a bite of lunch with Mr Geniaus and I am now back on B2 in the Family History Library trying to bring my blood pressure down a few notches. It's such an exciting time and there are two more sleeps until the Rootstech Conference kicks off.

During the "Mondays with Myrt" Google Hangout on Air this morning Pat interviewed an interesting lineup of people who had arrived early in Salt Lake City for the APG Meeting or Rootstech Conference.   Now, if you are wondering what a Hangout on Air is take a look at this Google explanation - it gives a much better description than I could.

Myrt has a way with the camera; a true professional in her approach she is able to think on her feet and ask pertinent questions of the people she interviews. It was an honour and a huge learning experience to watch Myrt perform today.

If you want to see a hangout and would like to meet the people Myrt interviewed I have copied the video below.

Having watched the video just ponder on the possibilities this free service offers to formal societies or informal groups of genealogists who are united by a common interest.

Let's get together and Hangout.

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