Thursday, March 21, 2013

6,800 - that's some party

With 6,800 attendees the Rootstech Conference will not be a boutique event. I will count myself lucky if I get to meet, chat with and remember 68 of the people that are attending.

I don't believe in jet lag but have been suffering from a bit of insomnia since I arrived in Salt Lake City so after midnight I decided to take a sleeping pill and it worked. I was intending to attend a lecture at the Family History Library this morning but slept in so I thought I had missed it.

When I huffed and puffed into the venue for the next talk I discovered that the speaker's plane had been delayed and that the talk had been cancelled - I'm glad I had that good sleep and didn't set an alarm to arrive on time.

As the second speaker was also delayed my mate, Audrey Collins, stepped in and presented a talk "There and back again" in which she told us that our ordinary ancestors often travelled far and wide. She demonstrated, with a range of examples, that if we can't find our ancestors in local records we should cast our net wide and we might be rewarded with surprising results.

Audrey's title slide
Since Audrey's talk I have been down on B2 working away on my research while Mr Geniaus (who doesn't do genealogy or research) is looking for his ancestors on the library's collection of subscription databases.

Shortly I'll be heading off to The Lion House for the Rootstech Official Bloggers Dinner where I'll renew friendships with old bloggers and meet the new bloggers.  Once the Conference starts my blog posts may not be so frequent.


TheLadyClaire said...

Jill, Just added your blog to the 'Australia Genealogy' board on my Pintrest! Hope to get that picture soon while you are...

TheLadyClaire said...

Awesome to see you yesterday!

Jackie van Bergen said...

I hope Mr Geniaus can give Mr JaxTrax some lessons in how not to do genealogy and research!


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