Sunday, March 31, 2013

Audrey at Rootstech

In a blog post on March 8 I asked my readers for suggestions of people to interview at Rootstech I only got one specific suggestion from Jenny who said "You should interview Audrey Collins - since you know her you will be able to relax and should be able to get a good interview!" 

Not wanting to disappoint I emailed my mate Audrey asking for an interview and, as I knew she would, Audrey agreed. We got together on the second day of Rootstech to have our on-air chat. Those Australians who went to Audrey's talks on her 2012 Australian tour will be interested to hear how Audrey became involved in genealogy and landed her "Dream job" at The National Archives in Kew.

I have been uploading my Rootstech videos and scheduling blog posts relating to them to appear every few days so some savvy people have already found the following video on Youtube, viewed it and mentioned it on social media.

Those who haven't yet seen it and those who don't know Audrey you may wish to watch the following clip and meet my mate Audrey.


Anonymous said...

Great interview!!! Wonderful to see see, and hear, someone whose Blog you follow :-) Thanks Jill and Audrey.

Cassmob (Pauleen) said...

I thoroughly enjoyed this clip, Jill and Audrey. Especially interesting to hear more about Audrey's background and her career path, even though she describes it as "drunken". Loved it.


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