Saturday, March 23, 2013

Sessions at Rootstech

My experience at Rootstech this year is so different from that of previous years. I feel that I am just hitting my straps as an Official Blogger and, as a consequence, I am spending more time meeting, talking to and interviewing people. I think I will surpass the goal I have set of meeting 67 (1/100th) of the attendees here this year.

I think I have conducted more video interviews than any other Official Blogger except perhaps for DearMyrtle (Pat Richley-Ericson). I feel that I have learnt as much from interviewing a diverse range of Aussies, Brits and Americans as I would have in attending formal sessions.

Interviewing Familysearch CEO, Dennis Brimhall was a high spot today. How many ordinary genealogists have the opportunity the interview such an important member of the genealogy community?
My interview with Familysearch CEO Dennis Brimhall

So I must admit my attendance at formal Rootstech classes has been minimal but my learning curve has been phenomenal.

My recorded interviews will appear on this blog in the coming weeks.


Dot Elder said...

Jill, we look forward to watching your videos!

Linda said...

Go girl !!!

Helen V Smith said...

Looking forward to hearing the interviews when I get back. It will make the RootsTech feeling lasting longer!

RickK said...

Jill, sounds like your time is being well used. I look forward to watching your videos.


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