Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Adelaide Convention Centre
Registration for Congress opened today at 3:00 pm. I wandered over just after opening time to grab my gear and have a stickybeak at the venue. Although Google maps had told me it was a 340 metre walk from my hotel I estimate that it was less than 200 metres.

The Registration Desk in the Exhibition was open and staffed by a group of committee members/volunteers who were not overrun with attendees wishing to register early. I can see the entrance from the desk in my hotel room and there still appears to be only a trickle of  people wandering in.

Registration Desk
I had not previously registered for the Conference Dinner as quite a number of my mates had said they weren't going. As the Official Conference Blogger I felt a responsibility to attend so I enquired if there was space. There were seats available so I paid my $90 and signed up. If you are undecided don't hesitate to make a similar enquiry.

Earlybirds checking out Trove's stand
The Exhibition is in a large airy space with a wall of windows facing the street. A number of exhibitors including TroveAdelaide Proformat and Find My Past Australia had their stalls set up and were ready for business while Allan Phillips and Rosemary Kopittke from Gould Genealogy were busy hauling in boxes and organising their huge empty space. I imagine that once the conference goers fill the hall for the welcome this evening the area won't look so empty.

One of the exhibitors asked me how many people were expected at the event - I answered that I had no idea. I hope the organisers share that information with us over the course of the next four days.

My little black canvas conference shoulder bag is packed with advertising bumph, maps, a pen. pencil, paper pad and old issues of a couple of magazines. These include Australian Family Tree Connections and my fave:  Inside History. I wonder how much of this stuff is bound for hotel bins!
Alan Phillips from Gould

FindMyPast Australia - Ready for Action

FindMyPast - The Waiting Game

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