Monday, March 5, 2012

Genealogy Resources in Adelaide

Short of registering and selecting the talks I would attend at Congress I have not paid much attention to much of the other information on the Conference website. I will do my homework in the couple of weeks prior to the Conference when I return from overseas.

One of the South Australians who will be attending the Congress, Ros Dunstall, has reminded those attending from out of town of the list of Local Resources for genealogists  in Adelaide posted on the Congress website. 

Those more organised than me, who have links to South Australia, would be well advised to set aside time for visits either before or after the conference. Super organised people will probably be already organising a list of research tasks to be completed at this time.

There is a one day tour of repositories prior to the Congress:

All Day Pre-conference tour 27 March 2012 9:00am to 5:00pm
Major South Australian Record Repositories
Pickup at Adelaide Convention Centre and drop off at the State Library of South Australia.
A visit to some of the major repositories of history records in South Australia will include:
•  The South Australian Genealogy and Heraldry Society Library on Unley Road, Unley for an overview of the facilities and records of the Library.
•  The Lutheran Archives in Bowden, which is the official archives for the Church in Australia.
•  State Records of South Australia and National Archives at Leigh Street, Adelaide where the State's and Government records are housed for an overview of records and services available.
•  The Maritime Museum in historic Lipson Street, Port Adelaide will have the Titanic display and displays pertinent to events both overseas and in South Australia.
A morning tea break at Montefiore Hill, a prominent, close lookout over the City of Adelaide where we can see Light's vision at it is in 2012.

Lunch will be in the Port Adelaide area.
Our tour of the record repositories will conclude with a comfortable tour back to Adelaide, where we will visit the South Australian State Library.
The tour concludes at the State Library, with individuals either choosing to stay at the Library, or leisurely walking down to the Convention Centre to register, before finding their own way back to their accommodation.
Tour cost will be $70.00 including morning tea and lunch.

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Anonymous said...

Hope you have a great time at the conference. I have been following your blog. Very interesting.
I am attending the conference too.
Couple of things to remember the TRAMS in the CITY are free within the city limits. So South Terrace to North Terrace you travel free.
Also there is a FREE bus that is called the CITY LOOP - you can get that in the middle of Victoria square and takes you around the city where the tram does not go.

Also there is another FREE bus run by the Adelaide City Council (run by solar energy I think it is called the Adelaide CONNECTOR) that takes you to the Central Market in Gouger Street and along Hutt Street that has some of the larger homes (that are now used for business but were once private homes) and then out to North Adelaide which has some very scenic spots as well.


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