Thursday, March 29, 2012

Lord Mayoral Reception - 2

This evening the Lord Mayor of Adelaide (in absentia) hosted a Civic Reception for a number of delegates, speakers and sponsors at the Adelaide Congress. As the Official Conference blogger I was lucky enough to be included in the group invited to this function in the historic Queen Adelaide Room in the Adelaide Town Hall. On arrival guests were greeted by Deputy Lord Mayor, David Plumridge.

Following is my second set of photos from the event.

Kerry Farmer and Melinda Hulbert
Anthea Phillips, Nancy Baldock
Alan Phillips, John Coldwell
Jan Gow (Apologies to gentleman whose name I neglected to record)
UK Speaker: Chris Watts
Christine Clement, Councillor Michael Henningsen, Seonaid Lewis
New AFFHO President Kerrie Gray
Mrs Brown, Graham Brown
Robyn Middleton, Frankie Anderson, Robyn Williams
UK speakers : David Holman, Roger Kershaw
Mark and Meryl Stephenson
Heidi Ing, Lois Zweck
Robert Kidd, Vicki Eldidge
Lesley Silvester
Daniel Horowitz, Robert Kidd
Mike Murray, Carole Riley
Lindy Taeuber, Mei Shackleton
Jill Ball, Allen Evans
Queen Adelaide
Dan Poffenberger

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