Monday, April 6, 2020

GeniAus - #AtoZChallenge - E is for Eyton

During April 2020 the month of this #AtoZChallenge I will be sharing short posts on some of the 2,000+ descendants I have identified of my 3x Great-Grandmother, Elizabeth Phipps

Elizabeth Phipps 1785-1869 was a convict who was transported from England to New South Wales in 1814 per Wanstead

Back in 2011 I wrote about Phipps descendants, The Clifford Sistersand suggested a reason for their move to New Zealand. I thank Robert Barrack, a researcher and distant cousin for sharing details of this Kiwi branch with me way back then.

Today I am penning a short post on Ethelinda's  daughter, Sarah Gertrude Eyton who married another Phipps descendant, her first cousin, William MacPherson,

This family chart shows Sarah and William's relationship

Sarah  went to live with William in Fiji soon after their marriage. 

Robert Barrack states "William married my grandmother Sarah G Eyton in Palmerston North, NZ in 1897, the two meeting for the first time, the day before the wedding." (   Sarah returned to live in New Zealand some time after her husband died in 1924.
I love to connect with cousins and fellow researchers. Should you find any errors in my post or have additional information please contact me. 


Molly of Molly's Canopy said...

Can't imagine marrying someone I had only known for a day. But many women did, and sometimes -- as with your ancestor -- the marriage worked out.

Dianne said...

i can’t imagine marrying someone the day after meeting them either.
My brother-in-law moved to Fiji for work, then married and stayed there. He loves it!


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