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GeniAus - #AtoZChallenge - D is for the Duncan Girls.

During April 2020 the month of this #AtoZChallenge I will be sharing short posts on some of the 2,000+ descendants I have identified of my 3x Great-Grandmother, Elizabeth Phipps

Elizabeth Phipps 1785-1869 was a convict who was transported from England to New South Wales in 1814 per Wanstead

My Mother, Elsie Harriet Duncan was one of five daughters of Frank Duncan, a Phipps descendant and Ethel Jane Pusell.

Elizabeth Phipps was Frank's Great-Grandmother
Throughout their lives The Duncan Girls: Elsie Harriet, (Ethel) Eileen, Kathleen Jane, Lillian Frances and Mary Olive, posed for quite a few group photos. I'll share a few here.

The first photo I have of all five girls is of my grandparents with my mother and her four sisters who were members of the Junior Red Cross in Cobar NSW. I estimate that this was taken around 1935-37.

The Duncan Family - Back L-R Elsie, Ethel Jnae Pusell, (Ethel) Eileen Duncan, Middle L-R Kathleen, Frank Duncan, Lillian, Front - Mary

Mum, Elsie's Red Cross work was acknowledged in one of the Sydney newspapers.
1935 'Cobar Red Cross Children', The Labor Daily (Sydney, NSW : 1924 - 1938), 23 August, p. 13. , viewed 01 Apr 2020,
The Duncans moved to Kensington, Sydney in the early 1940s. The next photo, taken around 1947 by a street photographer in Sydney, shows the girls (minus Lillian) with their mother Ethel and friends. It looks as though they were setting out for a picnic.

The girls gathered with their father for a more formal occasion in 1947. It looks like they were standing outside Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Church in Randwick. 

The Duncan Girls - L-R Kathleen, Eileen, Father Frank, Mary, Elsie, Lillian
The Duncans loved to party. Twenty-First Birthdays were celebrated with family and friends. Lillian celebrated in January,1950.

Lil's 21st, L-R Eileen, Mary, Kathleen, Niece Ronda (Front), Elsie, Aunt Elsie May Duncan, Lillian, Mum Ethel
Eileen walked down the aisle at St Martins Church, Kensington in August 1951. I was pleased to find myself in the group photo.

Eileen,s Wedding L-R Unknown , Elsie, Niece Jill, Mother Ethel, Eileen, Sister-in-law Joan, Mary, Kathleen, Lillian, Aunt Elsie May Duncan
Lillian married Thomas William Curry at Kensington in 1952. She is pictured below with her sisters and other female members of the family (I missed this photo opportunity).

 The Girls - L-R Eileen, Elsie, Niece Ronda, Lillian, Mary, Sister-in-law Joan, Kathleen

As I don't want to make this post too long I will fast forward nearly 20 years to my wedding day in 1970.
The Duncan Girls 1970 - L-R Mary, Lillian, Kathleen, Eileen, Elsie, Mum Elsie, Step-Brother Bill Chatfield
The last and only colour photo I have of the group is at a cousin's wedding in 1978. 

The Duncan Girls - Kathleen, Elsie, Eileen, Mum Ethel, Step-brother Bill, Lillian, Mary
 These photos bring back many memories of times spent with and stories told by my Aunts, The Duncan Girls.

I love to connect with cousins and fellow researchers. Should you find any errors in my post or have additional information please contact me. 


crgalvin said...

D for delightful photos and dear ones.

Jennifer Jones said...

Gorgeous photos Jill. I love the fashions of the time. Good luck for the challenge

Molly of Molly's Canopy said...

Great photos. It's amazing how the Duncan Girls still looked alike well into adulthood, even dressing similarly and keeping their slim good looks.

Dianne Nolin said...

Beautiful photos of sisters! I love your 70s do!

ScotSue said...

Stories of large families always appeal to me and how wonderful to have such great group photographs of them all together. I was intrigued that they look very close in age to one another. It had me thinking of my great grandfather’s five sisters - if only there had been photographs of them, but the times were too early for that, and there was a gap of 20 years between the oldest and youngest.

Nina said...

Lovely photos Jill! Regina x

GenieJen said...

Looks like a Fashoins thru the ages. Your mum and her sisters were always so elegant.


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