Thursday, April 16, 2020

GeniAus - #AtoZChallenge - N is for Newsworthy Notts

During April 2020 the month of this #AtoZChallenge I will be sharing short posts on some of the 2,000+ descendants I have identified of my 3x Great-Grandmother, Elizabeth Phipps

Elizabeth Phipps 1785-1869 was a convict who was transported from England to New South Wales in 1814 per Wanstead

When perusing my database for victims subjects for my "N" post I realised that I hadn't done any work on the Nott line so I went in search of Notts to add to my tree.

Harriet Hogden married John Nott in 1872 and thereafter came quite a number of Notts.

The following are some of the many articles from Trove that have helped me fill out biographical details on Elizabeth's Nott descendants.

1936 'MEN AND WOMEN', Wellington Times (NSW : 1899 - 1954), 13 February, p. 9. , viewed 08 Apr 2020,

1949 'DEATH', Mudgee Guardian and North-Western Representative (NSW : 1890 - 1954), 11 August, p. 20. , viewed 08 Apr 2020,
Continue to read on Trove at

1939 'MISS RITA NOTT HOME', Mudgee Guardian and North-Western Representative (NSW : 1890 - 1954), 17 July, p. 5. , viewed 08 Apr 2020,

1940 'DEATH AT 23', Mudgee Guardian and North-Western Representative (NSW : 1890 - 1954), 12 August, p. 4. , viewed 08 Apr 2020,

953 'Mr. Leo Nott at Dunedoo', Mudgee Guardian and North-Western Representative (NSW : 1890 - 1954), 5 February, p. 14. , viewed 08 Apr 2020,
1915 'A SERIOUS LOSS.', Mudgee Guardian and North-Western Representative (NSW : 1890 - 1954), 4 February, p. 16. , viewed 08 Apr 2020,
1926 'PINE RIDGE STATION', The Daily Telegraph (Sydney, NSW : 1883 - 1930), 4 September, p. 21. , viewed 08 Apr 2020,
Read on here:

I love to connect with cousins and fellow researchers. Should you find any errors in my post or have additional information please contact me. 


Molly of Molly's Canopy said...

Wow, that's quite the collection of news clips. I particularly like the last one about the injunction, which mentions the "wool clip recently shorn thereon." Funny what was considered an item of value -- although I am sure some of my knitting and spinning friends would put a high price on a wool clip even today.

Margaret said...

Well well well, Jill. When I saw your heading, I had to check whether it mentioned Dunedoo. My mother grew up in Dunedoo until she was seven, and used to play with a boy from the Nott family. She was there between 1912-1919 living on a farm on the edge of Dunedoo and used to ride her pony Lucy to school and tether it at the Royal Hotel which later burnt down.

I have a photo of the school class (whole school I think) taken just before she left to move to Victoria. She was unidentified, but simply everyone picks her out, looking so like her granddaughter. There are probably Nott family members in the photo.

Cheers Margaret (Moxon)


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