Friday, April 7, 2017

GAGs- GeniAus' Gems - 7 April 2017

I have realy enjoyed my blog reading this week although I have concentrated on blogs from below the equator. Some weeks there are so many posts that resonate with me while in other weeks there are slimmer pickings, this was a bumper week.

1. Please help Jenny find her soldier.

2. No doubt there will be a flurry of posts on this topic. This was the first I read.

3. As I am in the throes of moving house this post from Diane struck a chord.

4. Manly Local Studies do a great job highlighting past citizens.

5. Third instalment in a charming series from Jennie. Read them all.

6. A new source of images for bloggers.

7. I loved the ovie, looks like I'll be reaing the book, thanks Alex.

8. Jess shares the tale of a skeleton.

10. It's time to get a new app under my belt.

I have found that several of my genimates (and I) downunder are participating in the 2017 A to Z blogging challenge. Please give your support. Here are links to some maiden posts (where are the boys!).

Have I missed anyone?

Finally congratulations to Chris who is celebrating her 1,000th post on her As they were blog.


Crissouli said...

Thanks, Jill..

Alex Daw said...

Congratulations to the lovely Chris and thanks for the mentions Jill. Aren't we all having fun?

Crissouli said...

I have included your blog in INTERESTING BLOGS on FRIDAY FOSSICKING at

Thank you. Chris


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