Saturday, February 4, 2017

GAGs - GeniAus Gems - 4 February 2017

I had every intention of collating this post in the Qantas Club while waiting to take off for Salt Lake City and Rootstech yesterday but the free internet was abysmally slow so I gave up.

Here I am sitting at the desk in my hotel room where I have been awake since 2:30 am after having a really early night. I'll probably get into the timezone just prior to leaving for home.

My selections this week are all Australian - there was a flood of good blog posts in my RSS feeds which made choosing which to share a challenge. Happy Reading.

1. Happy Birthday Jennifer, I'm pleased you posted this.

2. Shelley writes of Tasmanian Farewells

3. A tale of two fishes.

4. Treasured pages from Lynne's family bible.

5. DNA knocks down a wall for Jenny.

6. I'm sure my Irish Orphan ancestor behaved.

7. A comprheensive list from Pauleen.

8. A chubby classmate.

9. Anne's detailed DNA story has helped with my understanding.

10. Darryl discovers some family traits.

11. I can't resist a library mystery and Alex's s is a good one.

12. Jo Ann reminds us of International Holocaust Remembrance Day.


Anne Young said...

Thanks for the mention. I am glad you found my post useful. I was worried it was a bit boring but I thought it was important to write up that working with DNA benefits from collaboration, reference to documents, experimenting with possibilities. In the end it is another piece of evidence that helps to build the picture. It doesn't stand alone but helps to support other documents that might not be enough by themselves to make a connection.

Crissouli said...

Thanks for the mention, Jill... I wonder how many Irish girls were 'well behaved' or many showed the rebellious Irish spirit... I can't imagine my convict Irish 4th great grandmother was always meek and mild...
The first item in TROVE TATTLES tells us she wasn't..

Alex Daw said...

Thanks for including me in GAGs this week Jill. I am humbled to be in such excellent company.


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