Thursday, February 9, 2017

No Matches

A Tree in the Center
I was disappointed when I toured the new Family Discovery Centre in Salt Lake City yesterday that I found no matches in the Familysearch Family Tree which is interrogated to find distant cousins after one provides details of a Familysearch account.

My mate Jenny found that she was related to Mormon Pioneer Joseph Smith, Inventor Thomas Edison, Past US President Warren G Harding and our Friend in Genealogy DearMYRTLE aka Pat Richley-Erickson. Another Aussie, Helen Smith, had similar stunning results.

No wonder Jenny Joyce is smiling
I realised that my lack of success was due to the fact that I had not entered may people into my Familysearch tree so I hurried back to my hotel and added a few more.

Australian Jan Gow at play in the Center
This afternoon I cam across an American genimate, Claire, who had just been to the  Family Discovery Centre and found that she had a match with me. So putting my data into the tree yesterday brought results. I am going to try and add a few more people before I depart on Monday and return to see if I can find more cousins.

Cousins found or not the Family Discovery Centre provides a range of fun activities for all ages.

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Hilary Gadsby said...

I am sure that I would find a match as I have a pioneer in my tree.


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