Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Rootstech - A Cousin Connector

With permission from Jean, a genimate downunder, I am posting an email she sent me on the weekend.

Hi Jill

Read your second last communication and saw you had interviewed an Amy
Archibald. Well, Archibald is my maiden name and I do have LDS cousins
in USA, whom I met in 2007. Amy's first name didn't ring any bells, but
realised it would be her husband. Found her blog, with email address and
contacted her.

Turns out her husband's great, great, great grandfather is the brother
of my great, great, great grandfather!

Because you listed her name, I now have found another "cousin" and Amy's
husband has an Australian "twig".

Just wanted to let you know and thank you. You never know...

Enjoy Rootstech!!



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