Sunday, February 5, 2017

Tell me - How would you choose?

The Salt Palace Convention Center
A few days ago I went through the Conference Schedule on the Rootstech app and selected the sessions I would attend. That was then, this is now.

Downloading and skim reading the papers for the sessions that appealed to me has helped me to focus on my priorities and select sessions that will give me the best value. I have discovered that my priorities are DNA, Ireland and the UK and Technology with a bit of entertainment thrown in.

So what criteria did I use to select the sessions?
  • I don't attend talks I have heard before (there are a few). 
  • I favour speakers who present new material.
  • I won't attend talks I may hear in Australia (wish I knew what was on the Congress program).
  • I am dismissing talks that are US centric because I only have few ancestral connections to the US.
  • I am avoiding talks by vendors that appear to be infomercials. I can get that info in the Expo Hall.
  • I won't attend beginner technology sessions.
  • I am attending sessions by a couple of engaging speakers like Josh Taylor and Judy G Russell  for their educational and entertainment value. Ron Tanner is also good for a laugh and learn session.
  • I am attending one session because I am starstruck. Can't wait to see the Scott Brothers.
  • If it's about DNA I'll be there.
  • I discounted sessions where the presenter hadn't submitted a paper. 
  • I'm taking on recommendations from fellow attendees in previous years so I'll be listening to Bruce Durie.
  • I'm avoiding speakers I consider pompous or boring.
  • I may attend sessions to support genimates who are presenting.
  • Unfortunately I have to miss a couple of good sessions due to Ambassador duties.
I am not setting my schedule in stone. I will use feedback on presenter quality from fellow attendees to amend my selections. I will also have some fallback choices made so that if I can't get into a popular session I will be able to quickly move to another.

Tell me - How would you choose?

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