Friday, January 6, 2017

GAGs - GeniAus' Gems - 6 January 2017

After a holiday break in Hawaii with Mr Geniaus and all our descendants I am back in my geneacave.  I am sure I have missed many Gems while absent but the time spent with our living family was so precious and more important than my geneactivities.

In this post today I am concentrating on some living Gems - my genimates who have responded to my challenge to  Accentuate the Positive 2016, it takes hours to respond to this geneameme (I am yet to finish mine).

 I am so grateful to those who have already risen to the challenge and I look forward to more submissions over the coming days.  I am so impressed by the progress these Gems made last year and I have learnt of new resources and cottoned on to some new ideas from reading these posts.

Anne Young, Australia

Carmel Galvin, Australia
Christine Woodcock, Canada
Elizabeth Handler, USA
Jennifer Jones, Australia
Jill Ball, Australia
Jo Ann Fitzgerald, Australia
Judy Webster, Australia

Katrina Pilkington, Australia
Kerry Jones, Australia
Kirsty Gray, England

Lilian Magill, Australia
Linda Stufflebean, USA
Maggie, New Zealand
Patsy Daly, Australia
Pauleen Cass, Australia

Sandra Coombe, Australia
Shauna Hicks, Australia
Sylvia Valentine, England

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