Monday, January 9, 2017

More storage?

Storage is cheap.

I have nearly all of my data and photos saved on a 4TB Seagate portable hard drive. I back these up to 2x2TB drives, the docs go on one and the photos on the other. As these drives are getting old and may fail some day soon and it's a pain to save to two different places I invested in a 4TB Western Digital My Passport Drive while in Hawaii.  This was on special at Best Buy at around $US129, about 2/3 of its cost in Australia, I priced it here at $AU249.99 (about $USD182). I chose a different colour for this new drive so that it was easy to distinguish from the old one.

I usually spoil myself with some tech surprise when I go to the US  because, even though our Aussie dollar is weak against the greenback, there are still savings to be made.

I'm now in the process of tidying up the files on my old Seagate Drive to my new one. I will keep one drive by my computer and the other in another location that I can access regularly for backups.

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