Friday, January 13, 2017

GAGs - GeniAus' Gems - 13 January 2017

We're having a heatwave here in Sydney - the perfect environment for sitting inside with the a/c blowing and concentrating on blogging business. I haven't managed to read many overseas blogs this week but have faithfully read all the downunder ones to which I subscribe.

As I have previously mentioned my GAGs selections are subjective, I prefer posts with nice photos, ones that aren't too long-winded and I mostly steer clear of  theme posts (they get coverage in other ways) except TroveTuesday because Trove deserves recognition. I am biased towards posts from my local area and about places that have some personal connection. I'm also fond of a bit of scandal or a touch of humour. Boy bloggers (a rare breed) get special consideration).

I work very hard to keep my list to about a dozen suggestions so I have to disregard many worthy posts. I like to keep my list Short and Sweet

1. A local family builds a house

2. Betty takes us out in Melbourne.

3. Yvonne's post convinced me to join this challenge.

4. This blog should be on your reading list each week not just when I share a link to a single post.

5. Katrina's love for her Grandmother.

6. A scandal in Jennifer's lines.

7. Jess highlights the usefulness of advertisements.

8. Newspapers don't always get it right.

9. Inheritance in Susan's family.

10. Alona attends her 3x great grandma's birthday party - thanks to Trove.

11. Vicki tells us about the Old Bailey where many of our ancestors had their dayatios in court.

12. Congratulations to Glynn and his team on 2,000 returns.

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