Thursday, January 26, 2017

We're Related

I'm having a DNA day today. Dribbling in from FTDNA this week have been some DNA results for tests taken by three of my family members. This blog post is to show them and other curious cousins how we match.

This is how the matches show up in my profile on FTDNA (I have deleted the names for privacy). After my Mum they are my three closest matches.

The match with 1,620 Shared Centimorgans is with my grandson, the match with 1,271 is with a double first cousin (our fathers were siblings, our mothers were siblings) and the match with 815 is with a first cousin on the paternal side. Being able to access these results will help me identify shared ancestors. I appreciate the generosity of these three who happily gave up some cheek scrapings for me.

I don't understand a lot about DNA but I know that we have 23 chromosomes and that we share more common segments on each chromosome with close relatives than with more distant relatives. This pretty chromosome map displays graphically which segments I share with each of my four closest matches.

Orange represents my mother
Blue is my grandson
Green is my double first cousin

Pink is my paternal first cousin

I've spent a couple of hours setting up these people's profiles on FTDNA and uploading their raw data to Gedmatch which will allow us to compare results with folk who have tested with other testing companies. Now I'm off to do some cousin hunting..


Cassmob (Pauleen) said...

I wonder if your cousin Peter will appear as a match on Gedmatch.

GeniAus said...

I'll search when Gedmatch tell me they are ready.

Jenny Mackay said...

enjoy learning about DNA, I've just had a major breakthrough with our family, that's been there for nigh on 30 years. :-)

GeniAus said...

Time for the Genealogy Happy Dance Jenny.


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