Friday, November 6, 2015

GAGs - GeniAus' Gems - 6 November 2015

I am one of three geneabloggers who has written about the world of geneablogging over the past week. Should you wish to read the articles here are the links:

Where have all the bloggers gone?
What is the future of genealogical blogs?
The True Future of Blogging

I am hopeful for the future because from my observations while many people give up on blogging (and I miss their contributions) there is a group of enthusiastic newbies continually joining our ranks.

Now let's concentrate on this week's contributions (and I had a huge list to choose from this week).

1. Because I can I'm sharing a post of mine to thank those who assisted with our Hornsby Shire FHG display last week.

2. A new blogging theme from Jennifer.

3. Mole in South Africa reminds us that it's Remembrance Day next week.

4. A yummy Christmas gift from one of my fave blogs.

5. Shelley sends out a challenge to FindMyPast. Will she get a satisfactory reply?

6. And Carmel highlights an issue with MyHeritage Snmart Matches.

7. Heather is embarking on an ambitious project and needs help from downunder

8 Some useful words for genealogists

9. I've fond memories of reading these stories.

10. What inspires you to blog?

11. A catchy title for this post.

12. An interesting interpretation of a topic.

13. I had to make it a baker's dozen this week so you can reflect on Paula's message.

From time to time geneabloggers need to take a sabbatical. Welcome back to these two bloggers:

And here's a new to me local blog


Cassmob (Pauleen) said...

Jill, thanks for all these links, especially the ones discussing the decline (or not) of blogging. Blogging, like genealogy, or any other hobby or obsession waxes and wanes with our personal circumstances. While my blog is in a temporary hiatus, that's more about what's happening for me right now...including having an Internet connection which is reliable and not horrendously expensive. No doubt others have similar issues which derail them.

Magda said...

I have no idea what to do about my practically non-existent blogging but I know I love your blog and love it when others take the time to blog genealogy (-:

Erin said...

Thanks for the list! I've been enjoying reading through the posts you recommended. The conversation about blogging is really interesting, isn't it?

GeniAus said...

Thanks all for your comments. It is hard to keep the blogging going especially with life's interruptions. We can only do what we can do and sometimes we need a break to reinvigorate our interest.

Kerrie Anne Christian said...

I actually write in my Wordpress sites quite a lot - however I uses the Pages more than the blog section. Where I want to create structured content I find that the Pages in Wordpress works much better. Occasionally I want to write something more general and then I use the blog. I have a number of Wordpress sites but only one is linked to Geneabloggers - I have wondered about getting some of the others listed as else. Is that considered okay ?


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